We are Pivotal Moment, a non-profit organisation owned by its employees; we work for organisations inspired by values of fairness and democracy.

See our Proposal for UK SME TTIP project here.

We are at a “pivotal moment” in time

We chose our name because we believe we are at a “pivotal moment” in time, as more and more people are taking positive initiatives to counter-act the deepening inequality in our societies. Many are creating new workplaces, or transforming existing ones, so that these fulfil fundamental human needs for democracy and fairness. Increasing numbers are also working in activist social movements to achieve real changes in the social, political and economic structures which lead to and maintain inequality. The combined impact of these and other developments will, we believe, bring about “pivotal” change.

Pivotal Moment is a non-profit

Pivotal Moment’s purpose is to assist other organisations, which are working for greater social and economic fairness, to succeed and endure through democratic leadership. The company finances itself through grants and donations, and does not charge its client organisations for its services.

Pivotal Moment is employee-owned

We see ownership as a pre-condition for self-management and control. Pivotal Moment is owned by its employees and associates. We work primarily for organisations which are owned and governed by their employees or members. Pivotal Moment became a Partner Member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) in 2013.

Richard Elsner, Pivotal Moment’s founder and co-owner, is a developer of leaders, an entrepreneur and a writer. Prior to founding the company in 2013, Richard’s career spanned leadership development, management consultancy, business management, human rights research and agricultural development in West Africa. He has co-authored two books about leaders in transition.