We research, refine and make available progressive approaches to leadership development.

Pivotal Moment was founded to make available to social movements and other democratic organisations best practice in group-based leadership development work. They can take much of this work “off the shelf”, adapt it and utilise it immediately, with little or no external support. This work started in early 2014 in France.

But that will not be enough. Pivotal Moment will continue researching best practice in progressive leadership, as is found across the world in democratic organisations with a primarily social and environmental purpose. The research will explore how different democratic organisations have answered questions such as these:

  • What decisions should a leader be able to take without seeking employees’ prior approval?
  • What control should employees have over their leader and how should they exercise it?
  • What tensions must leaders in democratic organisations hold differently than leaders in hierarchical bureaucratic organisations?
  • What role should employees have in the choice of their leader?

We will refine and distil what we learn, so that we can make our findings available to social movements.