We provide progressive organisations with the means to self-generate their own approaches to leadership selection, development and practice.

Why must a progressive organisation generate its own concept of leadership and its own distinct leadership style and practice?

We believe it should do so for a number of reasons:

  • Leadership is a fundamental building block of organisation, like structure and process. The way people lead in an organisation expresses the values they hold and represents the society they wish to create.
  • Every organisation invents its own practice of leadership, consciously or not. In most hierarchical bureaucratic organisations, an authoritarian top-down model is adopted, as a matter of course.
  • In democratic organisations, the model of leadership is necessarily different, in its concept and practice. Democratic leaders must respond to and represent the ideas and needs of the people they serve. They use the power their organisation give them with fairness and balance.
  • The people who own and work in the organisation must generate this model, with the assent of all, and consciously so.
  • In such organisations, leadership is not limited to senior managers; everyone is expected to display leadership as an essential part of their job.